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Why We Do It

The current situation of the world, demands us to act on the several problems that childhood is living. The lack of opportunities and access to basic services are directly reflected in their fundamental rights. Life is much more difficult for children living in poverty, mainly in early childhood, these are the citizens where less public money is invested.

1 out of 5

children live in poor families.*.

385 million

children in extreme poverty.**

159 million

children are stunted in growth.***

124 million

million out-of-school children and adolescents throughout the world.****


1 of 2 children live in poverty.*****

*National Center for Children in Poverty; Columbia University 2016, **UNICEF 2017,
***UNICEF 2015, ****UNICEF 2016, *****UNICEF 2018

Our goal is to fight against the problems and design a sustainable future for the next generation,

We transform lives
one day at a time!