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We create a program using a circular financing model to help, encourage and educate children on vulnerable situations and their families, providing short-term benefits that motivate them to be part of it in the long-term.


We know the value of a home and the importance of the sustainable development of a community. We implement a social mortgage, this allows families to access sustainable housing at a cost according to their income. In addition, they can reduce the number of monthly payments with community actions and good school performance.

We help the people of the communities to obtain an adequate psychological development for personal and social enrichment. This will allow behavioral changes for a positive coexistence and face the problems of each person.

Education is a passport for a brighter future. We help people to be competitive, providing solutions and resources with formal educational programs from pre-school to university.

We give family members the opportunity to have a formal job through the analysis of personal skills, cooperative communities and training them for self-employment.

With an evaluation, we analyze the physical condition of each member of the family to prevent diseases and guide them to a balanced life with the eradication of hunger and a nutritional plan according to their needs.

We detect and support children's natural gifts and talents, creating opportunities to develop their preferences and passions with the purpose of encouraging their self-esteem.

For our program, intellectual development, personality, and social behavior are important for healthy development and positive emotion management. Emotional intelligence will break down barriers to build a better future.



First, we start with the candidate search, select them and then establish contact with the families to formalize the cooperation agreement.

Needs Diagnosis:

Through multidimensional research, we evaluate the actual condition and other aspects such as family environment, public services access, socio-economic study, medical and psychological assessment, to define the problems to solve.

Action Plan:

We set an intervention program according to child and family needs with a strategy that defines indicators and metrics depending on the social-economic ROI.


We will implement the strategic actions, from the selection and integration of human resources that will make everything possible, to the activation of the key works for the success of the program.


We realized a periodic evaluation based on the indicators previously established to analyze the impact and the social-economic recovery.

Follow up:

Is the plan working? For us it is very important to accomplish the action plan, we see the results through technology according to the theory of change and chains of results from the World Bank.