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Next Generation is a program that believes people can develop their full potential and lead productive, happy and creative lives with strong actions that allow them to expand their choices and start a healthy life in the company of their loved ones.

In our program we create better opportunities for people all around the world. We believe that now’s the time to let actions speak for us, therefore we create an environment in which people live their lives in accordance with their needs and interests. We know that the world of the future will be marked by the influence of the doers, so it’s in our DNA to accomplish actions that inspire people to act and fulfill their dreams.

Our Board

Alexis Dyson


Anneliese Dyson

Vice President

Marcus Turner

Executive Director


Alexis Dyson.

Is a co - founder and President of the Next Generation. Alexis is based in the UK and achieved her degree at Winchester University. After her education she started as an entrepreneur alongside her sister Anneliese and they have worked to develop several leadership programs.

Anneliese Dyson.

Is a co - founder and Vice President of the Next Generation. As a visionary for business leadership along with her design and photography as a researcher in social problems and on global child poverty Anneliese and Alexis founded the Next Generation Program

Alexis & Anneliese acting under mandate as facilitators on behalf of SICO INVESTMENTS GROUP for Hospital & Wellness Centers & Social Housing around the Globe, they conducted a social background study in Mexico City and through their network of high net worth investors and arrangement with Asia Pacific Developments and World Investment Group, put their business plan together to launch Next Generation Mexico, Morocco, Spain, USA and Portugal.

The Next Generation Community Hub is targeted to tackle acute crises in underprivileged areas around the globe targeting basic human necessities missing from impoverished communities. Individual Hubs enable the uplifting of survival standards in those communities tackling: Affordable Housing, Clean Water & Sanitation, Education, Sustainable Agriculture and Renewable Energy the Next Generation Community Empowerment Projects.

Education will give them the right to be a full citizen of the world with the same or better opportunities that we have had. They could change the shape of society making it more efficient, productive and HUMANE. The projects will be the development of an educational Campus full of opportunities of hope which will have faculties at each University Campus where students can live as well as teachers. The buildings will be close to the main complementary companies to the Campus like health, since health is another pillar of their education projects each Campus will have a hospital for health care as well as Museums, Libraries and Sport facilities.

Next Generation want to become effective in 80 countries. Mexico has the main objective for the development of 20 University Campuses of approximately 100.000 students with the most advanced educational system in countries like Mexico where 2 million children whose hope today could be more than the hope to only survive

Driven by a group of multinational business leaders applying their global networks, cultural diversities and who share an equal vision of how the world needs to change to create opportunity, hope and security for the Next Generation.

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