Help and transform childhood future

15 October, 2018
  -Next Generation -Program

Next Generation is a project that aims to help and transform childhood future through a series of programs that work with children, families, and communities to achieve better results for a brighter future.

Our mission is to change the conditions that impede the ideal development of children around the world by creating opportunities in the following areas:

  • Construction or improvement of housing to provide an optimal home that will allow children to grow in a safe environment that stimulates the development of the identity of the children.
  • Psychological development to help children to grow up with self-esteem and all the tools they need to become the leaders of the future.
  • Quality education through assignments related to values, ethics and talent development to develop a competitive childhood.
  • Job training and job creation to help families to become economically sustainable.
  • Health and nutrition. We will eradicate hunger from Next Generation communities by keeping track of the health state of the families, so they can have a proper lifestyle.
  • Talent laboratories that will promote activities and classes to acquire new tools for their physical, mental and social development.
  • Emotional Intelligence for children and communities to allow a good environment for a brighter future.

It is in our hands to fulfill the dreams of the Next Generation. It is time to step forward and encourage the future scientists, creators of tomorrows technology, heroes of the world, footballers or great composers, who will fill our hearts with the notes of hope.

This is who we are and we’re aiming for, to change lives one day at a time.

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