Child vulnerability, a challenge to face

18 October, 2018
  -Children -Communities -Families

When we talk about childhood we never imagine that is one of the most vulnerable stages. According to UNICEF, 385 million children live in extreme poverty, a situation that alters their growth and development. [1]

In addition, at this stage, boys and girls from different capacities and conditions face problems every day, such as violence, malnutrition, health difficulties, lack of education, among others, this reflects in their development.

Child poverty in numbers

UNICEF´s Millennium Development Goals report estimates that by 2030, there will be an additional 68 million deaths of children under five from preventable causes. [2]

Extreme poverty has adversely affected their opportunities and the full exercise of their rights, and millions of children around the world are marginalized from global progress, an issue that we cannot ignore.

The current situation requires us to act and confront the issues that directly affect children.  From providing them access to basic services to investing in creating environments for sustainable future and a happier childhood.

Identifying the most vulnerable and excluded people to create health, education and social protection systems would help children to survive an grow.

Becoming agents of change

Ensuring that children live a full, equal, dignified and respectful life is no easy task. We have to create and develop the tools for the construction of a beneficiary program that allows them to grow their full potential.

Next Generation believes that people can lead productive and happier lives with strong actions that allow them to start a healthy life.

That´s the reason we created multiple programs focused on the needs of each community. Every child deserves to have a chance to be happy, it is in our hands to change the course of the world and accomplish a better future.




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